December 9, 2009

Budget 2009 – Make Sure Your Local’s Drink Prices Fall


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As of today’s Budget, excise duty on alcohol has been reduced – 12c cut on beer and cider, 14c cut on a measure of spirits, 60c cut on a bottle of wine. This should have an almost immediate effect on our drinking money. In fact some pubs have guaranteed the price decrease as of 5 pm today (Louis Fitzgerald Group, who own many premises around Dublin) 

Here at ratemypub we want you to tell us if your local is doing the honest thing and lowering the prices immediately. We think that it’s about time prices started falling, and that publicans will benefit too. So let us know here!

Budget Overview




  1. Fair play to those2 pubs hope my local follow suit.


    Comment by Dan hegarty — December 10, 2009 @ 12:34 am


  3. Well folks,

    I believe in supporting the local pub, i’m there most friday nights, and the price of a pint doesn’t really bother me at the moment…

    What does piss me off is when i go to see a soccer match on the telly on a saturday evenin and i’m forced to pay five feckin euro for a pint of coca-fuckin-cola…

    Why are those who choose not to drink and drive being punished by the vfi???

    Considering these resessionary times, how can they continue to put such a mark up on minerals???

    Thats my rant, cheers!


    Comment by rory leadbetter — December 21, 2009 @ 11:41 pm


  5. since removal of temp manager lisa a few weeks ago ,i have seen a change in staff morale , but on some aspests of cap being not worn, understanding pub policy, but customers that have been using the pub for years that have worn there fat caps , remarking on older people that show no threat as every body as the locals knows them ,this should be on regulars/no regular basis


    Comment by terry o'toole — February 27, 2010 @ 4:48 pm


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